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Quilted Eyeglass Sleeve, Handmade Sunglass Pouch

Quilted Eyeglass Sleeve, Handmade Sunglass Pouch

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This is a handmade soft case eyeglass case, which means they won’t protect your frames from a brick falling on them, but they will be protected from getting scratched up from your keys or other objects that might leave scratches.

This eyeglass holder is made with 100% cotton fabric for the exterior and lining portion. I used Thermolam Plus, an extra loft needled fleece for the middle layer to give the case support while keeping it soft. It also has a snap closure to securely hold glasses in the case.

The case measures approximately 3 inches wide by 7 inches tall. This lightly padded fabric case can fit most reading glasses, and slim to regular eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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